Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

Manfaat dan Kegunaan Dompet

Manfaat dan Kegunaan Dompet
Wallet is a place to store things or items that are easy to find. Goods or object placed in the wallet is usually essential items, such as ID cards, money and also ATM.

Wallet has many uses and benefits for life maunsia. Some people use or exploit the wallet to save the money, ID card, student card if a student, if the student card is still a student at the wallet. Because with the wallet, the more easily carry items such as thin or of paper banknotes, ID cards, ATMs and so forth.

In addition to the wallet is also useful for making it more PD (confident) when meeting a boyfriend. Because with a rather thick wallet, boyfriend can assume that a man has more money banyakm whereas for women wallet can be used for fashion or for lifestyle in this day and age.

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